The program Encyclopedia of Animals is an easy-to-use software on Windows operating system.

The program helps you in your daily work with various data from the animal world. Three different XML-based content databases support the storage of the data, which can also be linked to each other. The strength of the program is the modularity , since the data can be maintained independently of each other , but in the interface are united again.

The following classes of wildlife are supported :

  • Mammals (Mammalia)
  • Aves (Birds)
  • Reptilia (Reptilia)
  • Amphibia (Amphibia)
  • Fishes (coming soon)

The most important properties:

  • Supports classification (taxonomy) of the animal world as a hierarchical tree
  • Stores records for taxonomy
  • Stores records in the form species and genus
  • Integration of IUCN via IUCN number
  • Searches via mouse click in Google, Wikipedia, Flickr possible
  • Any size attachments of data
  • Import and export possible
  • Databases in XML format, thus flexible handling of data
Overview Application

No data is supplied with the software. These are to be compiled by the user himself.

For the basic understanding and to get familiar with the program, I have taken the liberty to copy the data of the platypus from Wikipedia and make it available. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Wikipedia community.

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